The current methods of producing Shea Butter unfortunately involves significant wood consumption. This amounts to approximately ten kg of wood per one kg of finished raw shea butter.

To put this into context, around 3 million people in Burkina Faso are involved in the processing of Shea Butter, from picking through to processing or boiling the kernels. All of this wood collection to boil water and boil the Shea kernels has serious repercussions on agricultural productivity, biodiversity, climate change and the local people’s respiratory health.

Serious Shea is collaborating with the Burkino Faso Government to take the Shea Butter industry forward to the next generation with cleaner and renewable production methods. West African women’s groups are shareholders in Serious Shea, which in turn supplies Grade A, deforestation free, zero carbon, Shea Butter for Cleo Organics. As Cleo Organics is a child company of Golden Organics, a major shareholder of Serious Shea, we continue to create the investment for strong local economies.

Agritech Group CEO, William Kwende explains the benefits of Shea Butter and the Women’s Shea story to Eddie Lust at Hub Culture, Transition Forum, Monaco, 2018.

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