GREAT NFTree Limited Edition

A digital certificate of a real tree or ecosystem to be planted and protected in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first ecosystems are on sale now and can be purchased through this website with credit/debit card payment. Coming soon is Kaloscope AR/VR/XR app to keep and view the digital NFTree and NFTree Ecosystem with your devise or choose to mint it through a crypto wallet on a certified carbon-neutral blockchain.

Please contact us for a password to purchase the limited edition Great NFTree Ecosystem E. or for a demonstration of theĀ  Kaloscope appĀ  E.



The first Great NFTree limited edition is a digital certificate of a real natural parkland ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa which will be restored to sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and benefit communities over time.

The Metaverse

A world of endless, interconnected virtual communities where people can meet, work, play and enjoy the AR/VR/XR Great NFTree.

True Value

CLEO by Serious Shea true value chain data - trees planted, carbon sequestered, landscapes regenerated, profits returned to communities will be captured to create the exclusive Kaloscope-Serious Shea Great NFTree as data becomes available


Teaser of the Great NFTree Ecosystem presented at EXPO 2020, Dubai