Serious Wisdom

Serious Added Value

The Golden Organics Hub of Asia features innovative and traditional Chinese aromatherapy experts. UAE and the Middle East is blooming with Oriental Spirit. The combination of nature and ancient wisdom  gives us a unique cultural position to create added value to our products and for our customers.

Serious Governance

Golden Organics, the parent company of Cleo Organics Europa, is a major shareholder in Serious Shea. Other shareholers are women’s cooperatives in West Africa. An additional 10% of Serious Shea profit is reinvested in communities, such as for health and education. Cleo Organics Europa has control of raw materials sourcing, post harvest process and the ingredients extraction process.

Serious Transformation

Together we are organising and modernising Shea Butter production into a dynamic fource for good. We are collaborating with the Burkino Faso Government for nationwide Eco-centres with cleaner, renewable and water saving production methods and a hi-tech, exclusive, quality control program.  Packaging is fully recyclable.

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