Connecting parters

Our True Value Chain

CLEO by Serious Shea is zero-carbon, deforestation-free and well ‘beyond fair trade’. We work in partnership with local women shea processing groups who are 10% shareholders. Over 60% of our profits are used for transforming Sub-Saharan African shea processing clusters with clean energy powered mechanization – eliminating the use of wood fuel,  planting and protecting trees, and for community well-being.

Serious Shea’s Ambassador Brand

CLEO Skin Care Excellence

CLEO and Serious Shea have a dual mission of delivering the best quality, highest performing, organic,  plant based shea butter for skin regeneration and repair and returning financial flows back to Sub-Saharan communities to end poverty. for gender equality, eduction, health care plans and to restore landscapes. CLEO’s significant achievements to date are because the retail company was designed with true-value pricing in mind from grass-roots. Golden Organics, the parent company of the CLEO by Serious Shea ambassador brand,  is a major shareholder in the Serious Shea production company and leads the charge to take the shea butter industry forward to the next generation. We are collaborating with the government of Burkina Faso and other African governments to build nationwide eco-centers with cleaner, renewable and water-saving production methods and a hi-tech, exclusive quality control program. Our brand integrity is underpinned with data on blockchain which cannot be altered.